A-Z Challenge – R

R is for “Rushing”

I don’t like rushing.

In my experience, when I have to rush to get work done, the quality goes down. Or the solution is not as good as it could have been. Time shouldn’t be a luxury, but it often seems like it is. To adequately explore creative solutions, you need time… not only to produce different options to solve problems, but to properly evaluate those options. For myself, a design might seem good, but if I look at my work the next day, I can tell that it wasn’t so great… That’s part of my process so I try to allocate time for that. But if I have to rush, or a deadline is very short, the design doesn’t go through proper revisions, and it goes out the door in a poor state. It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

I really dislike rushing to get places. I like to leave early and take my time. Thank goodness for Google Maps! Their directions and the ETA associated with them is amazing! Love it! But I see so many people rushing to get places… speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, looking for shortcuts. It must be stressful! So, I try to make sure I don’t put myself in a situation where I have to leave late.  Then I can drive relaxed, stay in one lane instead of constantly searching for the faster one, and listen to podcasts. And if there is a traffic jam, I don’t stress! I enjoy the extra time I have to listen to the programs.

I like to live life at a relaxed pace… you know, maybe my “R” word should have been “Relax”! 🐢

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