A-Z Challenge – W

W is for “Wisteria”

I follow many Japanese photographers on Instagram, and after the Sakura has fallen, those photos have been replaced by many photos of Wisteria. Wisteria in Japanese is “Fuji” (藤) which is one of the kanji of my family name.

FYI, the kanji 藤 is very difficult to write, mainly because there are 19 strokes in it! 😮 Isn’t that crazy? In contrast, the second kanji only has 4 strokes. 😅


It’s a very beautiful flower, isn’t it? One day, I would love to see it in person… an image like the one above.

One thought on “A-Z Challenge – W

  1. Wow, very pretty. The kanji for “Fuji” is pretty too, but I see what you mean! I copy/pasted it into Word and blew the font up to 150, and it really is complicated! Hmm, something to remember if I ever write a story with a Japanese character named “Fuji-(anything).” 🙂

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