Too Cold

“Morning Clouds” Cedar Park, 2021

I learned a couple of good lessons this morning. When going out for a run, don’t just check the current temperature when you begin the run, but also look at what the temperature will be during the run. Also, check what the wind is like.

Today, I saw it was 68°F. Great, I thought. I can wear my regular running outfit, and it will be perfect when the sun warms up into the 70s. But unbeknownst to me, a cold front was just arriving, and the freezing winds were blowing during my run and the temperature dropped down into the 50s! I was seriously suffering when running into that wind. So much so that I had to cut my run short by 2 miles.

I’m glad I did though because my arms were frozen. I had to jump into the hot shower and thaw out! As disappointing as today’s run was, it was a valuable learning experience. Next time I’ll be better prepared for sure.

I’m also glad that I got a nice photo as the sun broke through the clouds. 😊

One thought on “Too Cold

  1. Yup, weather is everything during a run. I don’t know about you, but I love running in cold weather, as I don’t sweat as much, and I can warm up naturally as the run progresses. To be fair, if you start getting red legs from the cold, then perhaps it’s wise to cut the run short and return to the warmth of home (as you did)! Good that you listened to your body about this!

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