🎶 Lush – For Love

This is so real,
It’s what I feel,
I look in your eyes and lose myself

🎶 Ruru – Another


She said to me
She’d rather be tied down
Than let uncertainty get the best
But he wants to play outside

Darling, won’t you come and rest with me?
But he wants to have some fun tonight

So hold my hand
And don’t think a word
Baby, we have a future, or maybe we won’t last another world

Darling, won’t you come and rest with me?

🎶 Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers

What an uplifting song… rates near the top on my list of beginnings and endings to a song. 💗

I hope you are having a good day!

🎶🌊 Geowulf – Saltwater

Come to the ocean
Even when you’re broken
Come to the water
Let it wash you over


🎶 Yorushika – 雨晴るる

I hope you have a great day!

If you like this song, check out my playlist “Barron’s Spin-Cycle” on Spotify. Maybe you’ll find some new tunes to add to your own playlist. 😀