This is my “life-chart” (by quarter), where I am keeping track of how my interests and hobbies change over time. I guess it’s my own version of a Quantified Self. 😄

I enter a score, from 1-100, for each category daily into a Google Sheets document, then average them, create the chart, and publish here.

The things I am tracking:

  • Photography ā€“ My main hobby since I’ve been enjoying since 1988
  • Motorbiking ā€“ I love riding. See my motorbike blog at
  • BloggingĀ ā€“ This is mainly how much interest I have in writing longer posts
  • Exercise ā€“ Activities include walking, running, planking, biking (stationary)
  • Screentime ā€“ Watching movies, Japanese drama, and TV
  • Reading ā€“ Books and blogs
  • Music ā€“ Playing bass, guitar, and ukulele
  • Gaming ā€“ Am I into any video games?
  • Creativity ā€“ Writing, sketching, etc.
  • Nihongo ā€“ å‹‰å¼·ć—ć¦ć„ć‚‹