Pretty App


500px on my keitai looks so nice.



The main control dial on the a77. Not as nice as the Maxxum 7 nor my Konica-Minolta 7D. Glad to see Sony brought back the better dial for the a99. The dials on the 7D:

Exposure Compensation Dials Shooting Mode Dials

You have to push the button on the top of the dial to turn it, and there are two levels. For instance, on the exposure compensation dial, the top one is for the camera, while the lower one is for the flash. Such an excellent design! On the shooting-mode dial, the lower one is for choosing single, continuous, self-timer, etc.

What’s In My Bag?


This is my semi-analog camera bag. I’ve got two cameras in here, my Nikon F and the Olympus E-PL1, in B&W mode. The Nikon has a 50mm lens attached and the Olympus has a 50mm Minolta MF lens and I also have the 14-42mm kit lens in the bag. Other gear includes a Vivitar 45 light meter, a couple rolls of film, and an SD card reader which can connect directly to my cellphone for remote uploading. I also have my Totoro bag in which I keep a couple spare SD cards and my Sansa MP3 player. The bag itself is an Aosta canvas bag that I bought at Yodobashi Umeda several years back. I replaced the insides with some bright orange padding, while the original, larger padding is being used in my messenger bag.

The Totoro bag moves between this bag and my dSLR bag. So, in the morning, I can easily choose what I want to take with me. I don’t usually shoot too much film (just for convenience sake) but it is kind of fun to anticipate what the developed photos will look like. In fact, I’m not sure how old the film is in my other cameras, my Olympus XA, Minolta X-700 and Minolta a507si.

Morning Listening


Good photo talk.

In the Bag


Got a padded insert for my “analog” camera gear. Fits great! FYI, I have my Nikon F, Olympus E-PL1, and light meter in this bag. Yes, I know the Oly is digital, but I’m using an old Minolta MD lens on it.