Umimachi Diary 海街diary (Our Little Sister) (2015) – Movie Review


I finally watched Umimachi Diary today, and loved it! It’s a simple story filled with some touching moments and beautiful scenery – it takes place in Kamakura, which is one of my favorite places… of course it is by the sea. 🌊 (Umimachi means seaside town) I wouldn’t mind living in a small town in Japan… in fact I am hoping Mariko finds a nice place for us to live like that in the future. The four main characters live in the family house, which is old but very nice… I think Mariko is looking for something like that too for our future home! 😇


Anyways, this Umimachi Diary is a slow, heartfelt, and realistic movie – you won’t find any action or suspense here. But if you are in the mood for a well-acted, beautifully filmed movie, I can recommend this one. Please enjoy the trailer below:

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