🎶 Perfume – Flash

From the movie Chihayfuru ❤️ Excellent series of movies. Recommended!

🎶 aiko –『青空』

It looks like Aiko release a bunch (maybe all?) of her full-length video singles on Youtube! I’m stoked, as she’s one of my favorite singers. Enjoy!

🎶 Yumi Zouma – Southwark

March 21 in Dallas? I want to go!

🎶 SCANDAL 「Tonight」

I really like the new “Tonight” song and video by SCANDAL! I’m not a fan of their videos where they are all just “rocking out” in a random fashion on a nice set, which is a bit boring and unimaginative, but this one is cool and interesting. Love it!

Yorushika – Nautilus ヨルシカ – ノーチラス

Beautiful but so sad. 🎶😢