Kokoro Tabi (こころ旅)

I have been enjoying Kokoro Tabi on TV Japan lately. (It’s listed as “Journey of the Heart across Japan”) The show is basically about a bicycle rider reading letters from people, and traveling to places in Japan related to the letter. The rider is actor Hino Shohei and he and his small crew (camera man, audio man, etc) plot their course on the map and ride, ride, ride! To me, it’s really interesting. And very Japanese. What I mean by that is that the show is very introspective, slow-paced, and really peaceful. It’s part documentary, part travel show, and part human-interest. I only wish I could understand Japanese better so I could get the details, but I still understand maybe 15%… and the biking and scenery are really cool. I also like Hino Shohei’s clothes and cool glasses! The glasses come apart at the bridge, but are held together magnetically there. And the earpiece wraps fully around the back of his head, so he can wear them around his neck when he doesn’t need the glasses. It’s pretty neat. Anyways, if you have TV Japan, I highly recommend this show!

A video sampler:

Some photos from the website:

Chris Rishworth Bicycle Touring

I love these videos! So fun in a relaxing and chill way.

My Franken-bike

My Franken-bike

Click on the photo to view on Flickr where I have a bunch of notes describing the various components and their cost(mostly budget) that I have added on.

I’m really enjoying going out for evening bike rides around the neighborhood. It’s good exercise even though I really take it easy, stop a bunch to take photos, and look around to see the sights. I’m the first to admit I’m not a speed demon out there! It’s purely for fun. You won’t see me in any specialized bicycling clothes. I’m more often shifted in the granny gear than a higher gear. But I do have a smile on my face most of the time, and that’s what two-wheeled travel is all about for me.