Sunny Skies

Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 1.55mm, f/2.4, 1/16000 sec, ISO40
“Sunny Day” Cedar Park, 2021

The sun reappeared at full strength today after a few days of rain. I took advantage of the great weather to go for a run after work, and then later I even went for a short bicycle ride. I love the longer days… and I love the beautiful clouds in the skies. 😊

I hope you had a great day! またね~

Running in the Pouring Rain

Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 4.2mm, f/1.6, 1/2300 sec, ISO32
“Stormy Run” Cedar Park, 2021

Today I went for a 12-kilometer run at the nearby hike and bike trail. The weather has been stormy but there was a bit of a break in the clouds so I decided to head out for some exercise. I didn’t plan on running too far but I felt so good that I kept on going even though the clouds were threatening to unleash a downpour. Sure enough, at around the halfway point (where I turned around to head home), the heavens opened up and it started pouring.

The rain actually felt amazing! My body felt so strong and alive and I kind of felt invincible as I splashed through the puddles on the flooded path. I’ve never run in such a heavy downpour before, where I was completely drenched, and I could see it being very unpleasant if it were cold, but today was in the 70s so it was perfect.

My only concern was that my phone would get damaged, but when I pulled it out of my waist-belt at home, it was completely dry. My iPhone 12 Mini has a water-resistance rating of IP68, which means it can withstand being underwater at “maximum depth of 6 meters up to 30 minutes” so I shouldn’t have anything to worry about even if my waist-belt gets wet.

One observation I had is that if I wasn’t wearing my hat, the run wouldn’t have been as fun. The brim of my hat kept my glasses pretty dry and my vision clear. Without the hat, I would have been constantly wiping squinting and wiping the water from my face.

I never run without the waist-belt and sports cap these days. The belt holds my phone and ID, and I can quickly get my phone out to take photos, then put it back and be on my way. Of course the hat is great to keep the sun out of my eyes, but now I know that it’s useful for keeping the rain out as well. I really recommend getting a belt and a hat for running!

BTW, if you are on Strava, let’s connect so that we can cheer each other on!

I hope you had a nice day. またね~!

Wispy Clouds

Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 4.2mm, f/1.6, 1/5600 sec, ISO32
“Pretty Clouds” Cedar Park, 2021

Pretty clouds make for a fun run, but of course I have to stop every few minutes to take photos. 😅 These are cirrus uncinus clouds, btw!

Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 4.2mm, f/1.6, 1/5800 sec, ISO32
“Wispy” Cedar Park, 2021

As Seen on Today’s Run

Here are a few photos from today’s run around the neighborhood.

Photo info: motorola moto g(6), 3.95mm, f/1.8, 1/1500 sec, ISO100
“Garden” Cedar Park, 2020

The garden at one of the elementary schools looks like it hasn’t been tended to during this year, which is understandable because of the pandemic.

Photo info: motorola moto g(6), 3.95mm, f/1.8, 1/1400 sec, ISO100
“Signage” Cedar Park, 2020

It’s almost election day, and I think I will miss the yard signs after this is all over. I liked the “I’m so gonna vote” sign!

Photo info: motorola moto g(6), 3.95mm, f/1.8, 1/2400 sec, ISO100
“Hawai’i” Cedar Park, 2020

I like how they put Hawai’i very distant from the mainland.

Photo info: motorola moto g(6), 3.95mm, f/1.8, 1/30 sec, ISO268
“Shoes” Cedar Park, 2020

My shoes are nearing 500 km, and I got an alert that I should consider replacing them. I love my On Cloud shoes, and will purchase another pair when the time comes. By the way, this run completed the REI x On 10K Challenge on Strava. I’m supposed to receive a coupon in my inbox… maybe I can use it on some new running gear? We’ll see!

10K Challenge Complete

“11k” Cedar Park, 2020

Today there were plenty of clouds and the temperature was only 89° F when I headed out for a run. These cooler conditions let me run farther today than I did a couple of days ago when I wilted under the intense Texas sun. There was also a really nice breeze so I totally enjoyed the run (more of a jog, really) and was able to complete my September 10K challenge early. Yay!

Hitting that milestone again is great, but what is really neat is that I wasn’t tired. I could have gone farther if I had more time.

When I was in my twenties, I used to run a lot and I noticed that there’s a point in your training at which it seems you can just keep running indefinitely. It’s a really neat feeling because you stop worrying about how far from home you can go on your route, and instead are free to wander down different streets and trails on a whim.

I used to enjoy exploring the city of Monterey Park where I lived at the time, and later when I moved to West Los Angeles and the area around UCLA. It’s kind of my goal to keep my legs in just enough shape to stay in this level. When I visited China a couple of years ago I could explore around the hotels without worry, and when we visit my mother-in-law in Osaka, I love cruising around the city. Even visiting my folks in my hometown of Torrance, I can run to the ocean and back. It’s so fun!

I like this kind of motivation for running, rather than something like losing weight. It’s something to look forward to for sure. I guess it’s about the journey rather than the destination. There are lots of cool things to see and hear while running (an bicycling too). I really enjoy it.