Afternoon Ride with Sophie

Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 4.2mm, f/1.6, 1/3700 sec, ISO32
“Sophie” Cedar Park, 2022

This afternoon I went for a ride with Sophie, my 1972 Peugeot UJ-10 bicycle. I haven’t ridden the Peugeot in a while so it was fun to go for a spin on the vintage road bike.

I like to record my bicycle rides with my GoPro and post to YouTube, but decided to leave those at home and just ride without the extra burden of the video camera. You would think that filming with the GoPro would be simply hitting the record button and just let it run, right? But actually, it causes me to think a lot about it when I am riding. For instance, “is the angle still okay? had the battery overheated and shut the camera down? do I need to change batteries?”. If GoPro cameras were reliable, then I’d have less stress about it, but they are pretty flaky.

Anyways, the only camera I had with me today was my iPhone, so I was just focused on the ride and seeing the sights. It was so fun! The Peugeot is a lot different than my other bicycles – it’s faster and a little more challenging to ride, especially over any gravel or dirt. I mostly kept to the hard surfaces, but there are a couple places where riding over gravel is necessary, and it got a little sketchy! Still, I enjoyed the whole ride.

Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 4.2mm, f/1.6, 1/3200 sec, ISO32
“Sophie” Cedar Park, 2022

I hope you had a good day!

Hot Weather Riding

Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 1.55mm, f/2.4, 1/1900 sec, ISO25
“Mango on the Trail” Cedar Park, 2022

Today the temperature was about 103°F / 39.4°C when I went out for a bicycle ride. It might be too hot for some, but I really wanted to get some exercise and didn’t feel like running was a good option, so I decided to go riding with Mango, my Kona Blast bicycle. She is super comfy, with an upright seating position, cushy handlebars, and granny gears so I can keep the effort on hills to a minimum.

I also wore my white helmet which has plenty of ventilation.😀

The ride was really fun, mainly because there were hardly any other people on the trail, which can get crowded on the weekends. But it was like a ghost town at mid-day, as people were taking shelter from the heat. I loved it!

Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 4.2mm, f/1.6, 1/5000 sec, ISO32
“Bicycle Mirror” Cedar Park, 2022

The sky was amazing as well, with plenty of pretty clouds to look at, and they provided occasional respite from the sun.

All-in-all it was a great ride. The only bummer was that my Strava crapped out and didn’t record most of it. Oh well.

Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 4.2mm, f/1.6, 1/7800 sec, ISO32
“Lovely Cloud” Cedar Park, 2022

I hope you had a great day! またね〜

A Nice, Hot Ride

Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 4.2mm, f/1.6, 1/1300 sec, ISO32
“Rossa” Cedar Park, 2022

Rossa and I hit the hike and bike trail before it got too warm today, and it looked like a lot of people had the same idea. 😀

Ride along on your stationary bike if you’d like!

Adjusted Bicycle Saddle

Photo info: Apple iPhone 12 mini, 4.2mm, f/1.6, 1/590 sec, ISO32
“Sophie” Cedar Park, 2022

I finally decided to adjust the saddle on Sophie to be the correct angle (for me). I had set the saddle pretty much level for aesthetic reasons, but felt that comfort was now more important. So the nose is now tilted up like on my other bikes and it makes for much more pleasant riding. 😀

Oh GoPro

“Handlebar POV” Cedar Park, 2022

I went for a bicycle ride with Rossa this evening and, as usual, had my GoPro recording so I could make a YouTube video. I was stoked because there were so many birds singing on the ride, and there was a beautiful deer in the middle of the road as I a rode by. It was so cool!

But unfortunately, my GoPro had shut off long before and there was no footage. My first thought that it overheated, but it’s never done that after only 10 minutes of recording, and plus the settings I was using weren’t anything more demanding on the processor than normal. Also, in the times when it overheats, it will beep as a warning before shutting down. This time, I didn’t hear any beeps. I can only guess that the GoPro just glitched and shut off.

Anyways, extreme disappointment! But it was still nice to get out and ride. Two wheeled travel is the best. 😀