Using the Jaws Flex Clamp Mount on the Peugeot

“Sophie Accessories” Cedar Park, 2022

At lunchtime today I went for a ride with Sophie to Brushy Creek Regional Trail. I wanted to try out the Jaws Flex Clamp Mount which I got a few months ago. I wasn’t really happy with the video I was getting when the GoPro was mounted directly to the handlebars. It tended to pan side-to-side quite a bit which didn’t look so good. So I thought that mounting the GoPro to the bicycle’s top-tube might give a smoother result, and I was right!

Even though the cables are in the way of the shot, I like the field of view much more. I enjoy watching POV bicycling videos where the handlebars are in the frame, which was a difficult angle to capture on the Peugeot. On my mountain bikes, my body is more upright, so I can wear the chest-mount and get the desired angle. But with my road bike, my body is leaning so far forward that when I use the chest mount, there’s too much of my arms in the frame.

The Jaws Flex Clamp Mount solves this problem, and now I can have smooth video with the field-of-view I like best. The clamp looks a bit silly on the bike, but when I am riding, it’s hard to tell it’s there.

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