Computer Names

I always try to name our home computers, not only because it’s easier to identify in the router software, but because I think it is kind of fun! In fact, Bay named his laptop/tablet as well! Anyways, here’s a listing of the names. Most are from mythology as you can see:

  • Medusa: HP desktop computer (retired)
  • Nemesis: Dell desktop computer
  • Daphne: Dell 11″ laptop
  • Persephone: Kindle 3rd gen
  • Sonmi-451: Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet
  • Jarvis: Dell Venue 11 Pro (Bay’s)
  • Phaedra: Mariko’s laptop
  • Hydra: 3rd gen iPod

Like I said, it’s fun to name inanimate objects like computers. In addition to those, I’ve also named my motorcycle!

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