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So, some good news and bad news (but mostly good news). I’ve been suffering from a sore knee for about six months now, and for maybe two months, I couldn’t do any running. Instead, I have been walking my normal route in order to give my knee a chance to get better. That’s the good news! How can not being able to run be good news? Well, slowing down has actually been a really good experience. Since I was restricted to walking, I think I became more mindful (what does that even mean?) about… well all sorts of stuff. I alluded to this in a previous post, that I give more attention to my surroundings (things like the trees, sky, weather, smells in the air, sounds of the birds and barking dogs in the distance). But I’m also mindful of  how my knee is doing, and an extension of that is to be more attuned to the rest of my body (how my arms are swinging, how my breathing is, my posture, how I hold my head). So that leads me to the bad news, which isn’t really bad news, or perhaps just temporary. I’ve been kind of running asymmetrically. That is a nice way of saying that I’m running with a limp. But at least I am able to run now! And that makes me pretty happy. And when I combine running with my new-found mindfulness (that is a strange word), I am enjoying it a lot more than I used to!

Here’s my latest running activity:

If you want to connect via Strava, that would be cool!

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