Megumi Mori’s cover of 接吻 -kiss- by Original Love is so good! I hope you agree. It’s a great pop song.

After watching/listening to this, I decided to try to learn it on guitar, which is kind of a problem since I don’t know how to play guitar! But why should that stop me? With that in mind, I picked up Koa’s guitar, watched a couple beginner videos, and learned a couple of chords. As thousands of hopeful guitarists before me, I learned how to play E major and A major and then strummed along to Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth”. That was actually quite fun and satisfying!

Anyways, it is kind of a goal of mine to learn a few tunes on the guitar so why not start now? It should be a fun experience. Who knows, someday I might be able to play 接吻 like Megumi Mori! (the singing though is impossible…)

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