Weekend Update

This past weekend was pretty good. Of course the thing that has been on my mind lately is my health and specifically, my knee. I really want to start running again but the healing process has been pretty slow. However, I did get out for a quick run on Saturday afternoon, and it started out not so good… After running about 100 yards or so, my knee hurt and I had to limp along, then walk for a bit, then run a bit, then walk. I was kind of depressed but tried to look on the bright side of things. I felt grateful that I could at least walk and enjoy the beautiful weather! So after several minutes of walking I tried jogging again and my knee felt better! I did adjust my stride and how I plant my feet a bit, but I managed to go for 2.5 miles. Upon returning home, I iced up my knee. I knew the real test would be if the knee still felt good the following day.

I’m happy to say that my knee felt great! Specifically, it wasn’t any more sore than before. This allowed me to enjoy Bay and my Sunday morning at the skatepark. I also took Lani for a long walk to test out the knee and it seemed good. So slowly I will start adding some more miles to the routine. I was averaging around 6 miles per run, which is probably where I want to get back to. I think by then end of the year I will be back to that schedule! Happy happy happy!

In other news this weekend, we saw a lot of friends, Koa had a couple of sleepovers, movies were watched and good food was consumed. I barbecued burgers last night and they turned out great! I love my little barbeque so much!

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