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Squier Tele and Roland Cube 30
Squier Tele and Roland Cube 30x

I don’t consider myself a guitarist by any means, but I do enjoy playing guitar as a hobby. As a beginner I am pretty much just practicing chords and basic songs. It’s difficult for me but I do see progress (little by little), and that is encouraging. Plus, the more I practice, the more the sounds I can make sound like actual music!

I recently bought a nice little guitar setup – a Squier Affinity Telecaster and a Roland Cube 30x amp. The amp was recommended by a good musician friend of mine, and the guitar is a model that I’ve wanted for many years.

The Roland Cube 30x amp will replace my super-cheap practice amp I bought way back in 1997 at Ishibashi Music store in Yokohama. I found the Cube on Craigslist and only paid $80 for it! What I love about the amp is that it is small, but can get really loud and because it is a modeling amp, there are plenty of different sounds and effects built-in. And the signature Roland JC Clean setting is very very nice!

It’s funny that you can feel an affinity towards one guitar more than another. It’s that way with my new Squier Affinity Telecaster. I am in love with this guitar! I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it two months ago. First of all, the Tele is beautiful. It’s got a classic “butterscotch blonde” finish and a black pickguard. I think it is so cool and the shape is classic. The non-glossy maple neck is super-comfy and the width of the fretboard is a good match for my small hands. I bought a DiMarzio cotton guitar strap which is strong and comfortable… it’s a great match for the Tele.

I’m loving playing this guitar, even not connected to the amp. It’s really fun and enriches my life, even though I don’t have any talent. But it’s worth practicing even just for the sense of accomplishment and keeping my brain active. Good stuff!

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