Lunch with friends


How are you today? Mine was a good day. I got a lot of work done, which is kind of funny. The reason I say that is not because of the actual work, but because my morning routine has changed a lot lately concerning it. For a while now I have been stressing about the tasks and projects that are on my plate. And usually I would be filled with a bit of dread that I might get them done. But I always do, and things work out. So nowadays, I wake up, think about work, but the thoughts are not filled with stress about how am I going to manage, but rather wondering in what way I will end up managing things. I have confidence that things will get done, but I am curious to see how I will actually do them. Like I am two people, and one is sitting back watching the other. Strange, isn’t it? But it’s also fun and fascinating.

But there is some sad news at work too. A coworker who I have worked with for 7 or 8 years is leaving. She found a different job with better growth potential. So while we are all sad to see her go, we are happy for her too. Today’s photo was taken at a local pizza joint, where we took her out for lunch. I made an Instax print of the photo for her, and my friend and I wrote a short good luck message on it.

USA. Texas. Austin. 2016.
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/4, 1/125 sec, ISO5000
USA. Texas. Austin. 2016.

I hope you had a great Thursday! The work week is almost over and the weekend is near!



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