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"Maki" USA. Texas. Cedar Park. 2016.
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/2.8, 1/60 sec, ISO6400
“Maki” USA. Texas. Cedar Park. 2016.

こんばんは!How are you doing?

Can you believe that the week is already over? Although today seemed to drag on a bit long (Friday’s often do that, don’t they?) the week overall went by quickly. I guess since I was so busy! But yes, the weekend is here!

We don’t have too much planned for these couple days except for a baseball practice for Koa, so I might do a little bit of yard-work in preparation for Spring. But there’s a good chance I will be lazy and blow it off. I mean, that sometimes happens!

Today’s photo is of another Pinky:st character that I purchased at the same time as the Reina figurine. This one is named Maki, and she came with two outfits in the package. This one is the one I like better since it is more casual and I think the boots are pretty cool.

I really like these little figurines, and I can see how one could get into collecting these, especially if they are characters from an anime that you are attached too. But I don’t watch much anime so have any attachment so these Pinky:st figures are perfect for me. They aren’t associated with any other kind of story or manga… in fact this line of characters is probably around 10 years old and discontinued. There are still plenty of them on Ebay, however, and the price is very reasonable now! If I remember correctly, when I bought Suu years ago, she cost about $14, but now the regular characters go for about $6 with free shipping. So, why not get a few?

I remember one minimalist saying was something like you should only keep things if they are either useful or beautiful. These figurines certainly aren’t useful, but I think they are cool to look at!

I hope you have a good night’s rest, and have a good Saturday!


-B Barron Fujimoto

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