Sleeping habits

I am awake at 5:30 am every morning. That’s my internal alarm clock. It’s a habit that has been formed because I need to wake up at that time in order to do my morning routine (shower, make coffee, empty dishwasher, make breakfast for kids, etc.). However, on Sundays when I don’t have that routine, I still wake up at 5:45. I simply cannot sleep in, even though I try every week. ⏰

The rest of the family has no problem sleeping late… as evidenced by the fact that they are still all upstairs in their beds and it is past 8:30. 😴

I used to wish I could join them, but now I am kind of glad that I can enjoy these few hours of quiet, with no morning duties (I still empty out the dishwasher and make coffee, although at a relaxed pace). It’s actually very nice, rising before the sun, and observing the transition from dark to light happening at a slow pace. 😄

Have a Good Friday everyone! 😆

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