Wow, I’m tired

Cedar Park, 2016
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/2.8, 1/300 sec, ISO400
Cedar Park, 2016

こんばんは! Hello! As you may have noticed, I’ve been working on the A-Z Challenge, and thus, I am actually wondering what to write about in today’s regular blog post. I put a bit of thought into “D”, and spent a decent amount of time editing and rewriting it. It’s actually a lot of fun to do that! I know that I am not very skilled when it comes to writing, but I enjoy doing it anyways. I just didn’t know that it is tiring, but it makes sense. I mean, you are using brain power and oxygen in thinking, and that must cause some mental fatigue, right?

But, just like the exhaustion you feel after a good run, the mental exhaustion feels kind of good. As long as I know that it’s almost bedtime! If I had several hours left in the rest of the day, I probably wouldn’t have such a positive mindset! 😆

Today’s photo is of Lani waiting to go outside. We are trying to get her to not bark so much if she wants to go out, so now if she is loud, we stop in our tracks until she quiets down. I think she is learning slowly that in order for us to let her out quickly, she needs to not bark. But she’s so full of energy it must be difficult!

A couple other things about this photo is that I am trying to use a consistent look to my black and white photos, and have started making some presets in Lightroom so that I can produce the same look. This includes film grain, tone curve, and slight blur. Also, I’ve been getting into the 4×5 format. I’ve normally used a 2×3 format, or the square format, and never considered 4×5. But I kind of like it!

Well, it looks like I did find a few things to write about tonight, huh!

おやすみなさい! Take care!

– B Barron Fujimoto

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