A-Z Challenge – L

L stands for “Library”

I’ve always enjoyed going to the library ever since I was little. My parents used to take us to the excellent Torrance Public Library, which was pretty huge, and really fun for a kid. The children’s section was upstairs on the second floor and I remember heading up the stairs that were just past the checkout desk and heading up to check out the cool books about dinosaurs or space or even just look at all the World Book encyclopedias.

As I sit here now typing this post, so many memories are coming flooding back to me… one of the strongest is of how the library smelled… for some reason the elevator had a distinctive odor… something industrial like oil or rubber. Anyways, I love that smell, but the only time I’ve encountered it is at that library. I wonder if it still smells like that after all these years… I’ll definitely have to check the next time I am in Torrance. I am curious to see if the rock and gem collection is still on display at the entrance to the library. That was always a treat to see those cool geodes!

But there are many things that I cannot remember… like the exact layout of the library… I think because these are children’s memories, I don’t recall a lot of the sections that had the grown-up books. Those areas are all very hazy in my mind. Which is odd, because when I was in high school, I had a part time job at the same library and had to shelve books in all sections. So I should have strong memories. I wonder why this is.

Anyways, the local library that we visit now is much smaller than that of my childhood, but it is top-notch. I always find something good to read there! And there is a pretty good manga section, plenty of dvds to borrow, and they even have ebooks that you can borrow by browsing the catalog online from anywhere! It’s such a great service. (you download the books to your Kindle)

Anyways, I am so happy that we have access to another wonderful library. With so much to be cynical about in the world these days, the public libraries have a kind of purity about them that is comforting. It’s like a reminder that there is still good in this world. ☺️


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