Vin’s last year

We’ve been enjoying watching baseball on MLB.TV this year, thanks to T-mobile’s perk to its customers. It’s so great to be able to see all of the Dodger games live, and to hear Vin Scully call the game. But the other day when we were watching, I started thinking about how different Dodger baseball will be starting next year after Vin Scully retires.

For all my life (and pretty much all Dodger fans), I’ve listened to Vin call the games… and I am of the generation that will remember sitting in Dodger Stadium, hearing Vin’s voice filling the air from all the transistor radios that people would bring to the game. It was quite an auditory spectacle, and something that ended when scoreboards got more elaborate and transistor radios became less common. I’m so happy to have experienced that period of history!

There were three magical things about a game at Dodger Stadium for me. Hearing Vin’s voice over the radios, listening to Nancy Bea Hefley/Helen Dell playing the organ, and eating Farmer John Dodger Dogs. Sadly, only the Dodger Dogs will be left after this year is over.

It’s going to be very odd knowing that Vin will not be calling any more games, but I am glad we all got to enjoy many, many years of his amazing work.

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