Summer style

"Cheesecake on the Floor" Cedar Park, 2016
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/2.5, 1/60 sec, ISO3200
“Cheesecake on the Floor” Cedar Park, 2016

こんばんは!Good evening, how are you doing?

Well, the kids officially started summer vacation this week, and Koa has been spending a lot of time at the neighborhood pool having fun and getting very tan. In the above photo, you can see the summer attitude – eating dessert on the floor, still in swimming trunks, under the piano. What a life!😎

Thinking back to my childhood summers, I also spent quite a bit of time swimming at the pool. 🏊 My parents belonged to a tennis club 🎾 and my brother and I would amuse ourselves with swimming, playing racquetball, or playing the pinball machine at the snack bar. I have a wonderful memory of eating a delicious burger 🍔 on a wheat bun with alfalfa sprouts, then playing the “Supersonic” pinball machine. Good times!

I hope you had a nice Tuesday!

おやすみなさい! – B Barron Fujimoto

2 thoughts on “Summer style

  1. Summer!
    Sometimes I wish I was kid again and could have the whole summer off, and enjoy the lazy days. 🙂 My best memories of summer is swimming in the lake, camping trips and staying at my grandparents.
    I would give a lot to be a kid again! 🙂
    Have a great day, and keep smiling.

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