Wynwood Art District

"Art Viewing" Miami, 2016
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/11, 1/70 sec, ISO3200
“Art Viewing” Miami, 2016

Hello! Today we returned to Miami and ended the cruise… 😔 but the family reunion continues! 😄

After a nice Jamaican lunch from Jamaica Kitchen, and then a short nap, we took a drive to the Wynwood Art District to see the wall art. When we arrived, we noticed that there were news vans all around the neighborhood. We asked one of the reporters what was goign on and she said that they just discovered that four incidents of the Zika virus were pinpointed to that neighborhood. 😧 Just our luck!

We decided to walk around the area anyways, and saw some really cool artwork and went to some interesting shops. We also stopped for a cold drink at a restaurant called Kyu before heading to another Leesang reunion dinner.

The dinner was held at a Chinese restaurant and we celebrated my uncle’s 80th birthday. The food was yummy and we enjoyed entertainment in the form of a dancing tiger… the kind you see at Chinese New Year’s festivals. 🐲 It was fun for everyone, especially the small kids.

Lots of group photos were taken and we even got to see some photo albums of old images from when the 2nd generation was in school. Very interesting!

It was a great day, but wow, I was tired afterwards. We went back to the house we were staying at and just relaxed with a cold drink and then I was out like a log!

Note: This post was written on 8/6/2016

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