Cultural Shift

"Austin Clouds" Austin, 2016
Photo info: Motorola XT1064, 3.54mm, f/2, 1/270 sec, ISO80
“Austin Clouds” Austin, 2016

こんばんは!How’s it going this evening?

Today was day 2 of my company’s annual customer conference and I was in downtown Austin all day, taking photographs and helping out with the event. It was a great experience talking with our customers and getting to know them. I am not an expert in what our product can do, so I wasn’t able to interact with the customers on that level, but at the social event it was mostly just shooting the breeze about non-work-related topics. It was great fun!

When I got home, I was thinking about watching the Japanese drama/mystery series I am into, and it got me thinking about how it’s such a cultural mindshift to switch over to that show. It’s hard to describe, but these past two days I was 100% in “America mode” 🇺🇸, surrounded by professionals talking about business and socializing as Americans do.

But what I really enjoy and am attracted to is Japanese culture 🇯🇵, and things like watching Japanese tv shows, listening to Japanese music, and following Japanese Instagram feeds… I am definitely a Japanophile. And although I am American, I love Japanese culture so much! I cannot wait for my life to shift over to that culture again.

During my normal workday, I often check up on Japanese blogs, Twitter, and Instagram accounts but these past two days I have been busy at the conference all day so I haven’t had time to do my normal routine. So I miss my Japanese “alter ego”! 😆 It’s funny but I feel like I am straying away from my desired life. I know it is just temporary, but it’s an interesting feeling to experience!

Anyways, those are just some thoughts going through my head this evening. I’ll have to think about it some more to make some kind of sense of it. But for now… I am in a happy mood.

Take it easy, and see you tomorrow!


– B Barron Fujimoto

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