Student Percussionist

"Silent Percussion" Cedar Park, 2016
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/3.6, 1/15 sec, ISO640
“Silent Percussion” Cedar Park, 2016

こんばんは!Hello, how’s it going?

The other day, I mentioned that we have plenty of musical instruments in our house, and one of them is a xylophone that Koa has been practicing with. This year Koa is in his school’s Honors Band, which is the top level! I have to admit I am pretty impressed with his playing, and also how much he practices… he’s really into it!

When Bay was in band, he played the flute, and that seemed simple in that he only played that one instrument (he also plays piano outside of school), whereas as a percussionist, Koa plays marimba, triangle, bells, rain-stick, and snare drum. Plus I think there are a couple more percussion instruments that I am forgetting. Granted, I know nothing about percussion, but it seems very interesting with lots of variation. And the percussion kids seem like a tight-knit group which is pretty cool!

One surprising thing is that Koa hasn’t asked for a drum kit. He played his friend’s dad’s kit before, and said he had a lot of fun so I was expecting him to be asking for a set, but so far it hasn’t happened. But I won’t be shocked if he all of a sudden says he wants a drum set for his birthday. I think it would be great if he formed a band with some of his friends!

He’s still young though, so he has plenty of time to explore his interests. Ah, to be young again! 😋

I hope you had a nice Tuesday, and we’ll see you tomorrow.


– B Barron Fujimoto

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