Terrible with names

I used to think I was really good at remembering names, but for the past several years, I have been having a tough time with it. I guess it’s just that I’m getting older? ❓❔

It seems that lately when in conversation or just casual greeting, co-workers will address me by my name, but I can’t for the life of me remember theirs. Sometimes I will ask them right away to remind me, but most times I just kinda wing it… then later on I will figure out who they are. 🙂 I can’t be the only one who does this, right?

But now I have a secret weapon for remembering co-workers’ names!

A colleague and I have been taking photos of all the employees here at the Austin HQ for the facilities team to put on our access badges and for IT to put in the Outlook profiles. Since I post-process every photo, Facilities has provided me a list with each person’s name, and I reference it when I rename the file. It’s a good cheat-sheet for placing names to faces, isn’t it?

Another thing that I like about this photo “project” is that I do get to meet a lot of people. I’m generally a quiet person, so it’s nice to be given the opportunity to talk to my workmates, even for only a minute or two. Everyone is interesting and unique, and it’s fun to get a glimpse of so many personalities.

At first, I wasn’t looking forward to taking everyone’s photo, but now I am glad I did it (and will continue to do it). It’s a fun part of my workday. 😄📸

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