Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/5.6, 1/100 sec, ISO1250
“Kindle PaperWhite” Cedar Park, 2016

For my birthday this year, my parents bought me a new Kindle Paperwhite. It is awesome! I’ve had an older Kindle “Keyboard” version for a while now (I blogged about it here) but have wanted a new Paperwhite version because of the upgrades.

Here is a list of advantages of new Kindle PaperWhite (which I named “Echo”):

  • Backlight: Not only can I read at night without the light on (which bothered Mariko), but the backlight adds some contrast for increased readability in daylight
  • Higher resolution: The text looks sharper and the display is more like a printed page
  • Smaller: Although the screen size is the same as my old Kindle, the bezel is smaller and I can “palm” it with one hand
  • X-Ray: I can find out more about the characters in the story by tapping on a name
  • Goodreads: I can update my reading status on Goodreads directly from the Kindle Paperwhite

Although the new Kindle is superior to my old Kindle (which I named “Persephone”), the old one is still useful and works great. And it has a couple of advantages over the Paperwhite:

  • Lock screen art: I hacked the OS so that I could load custom lock screen images
  • Audio: I have loaded some nice classical guitar mp3s onto the Kindle, which I can play via the built-in speakers or the headphone jack

Having two Kindles is nice. I keep Echo (the new one) by my bed, and Persephone is in my messenger bag. Do you own a Kindle? I have to say, my Kindles are possibly my favorite technology gadgets. ❤

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