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"Deserted Library" Cedar Park, 2017
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/4, 1/100 sec, ISO1600
“Deserted Library” Cedar Park, 2017


Today was the beginning of spring break here in Texas, but it was a grey, cold, and rainy day. Nice to spend it indoors. At least most of the day!

Movie Day

I watched two really good movies today: Kon-Tiki (2012), and The Kite Runner (2007). Both were fantastic.

I read The Kite Runner before, but never saw the movie. Happy to say the movie really matched what I read in the book almost perfectly. Amazing, but tragic, story.

I haven’t read Kon-Tiki, but after seeing the movie, the book is on my to-read list. The epic ocean journey is captured with breathtaking cinematography, which reminded me a lot of another favorite movie, Life of Pi.

By the way, I have kept a list of the movies watched/books ready for the past couple years here on my blog. Check out this year’s list, or access all the lists from the site navigation menu.

Library Visit

Today’s photo is one I took at one of my favorite places: the library. I borrowed both of the movies from here. They have a really nice selection. It’s great! Anyways, the photo makes it look like the library was deserted, but it was actually quite busy. I just happened to take the photo when no one was in the frame.

I hope you had a nice, warm Saturday!



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