Taking Vitamins

When I was growing up, my parents had us take vitamins every morning, and it wasn’t just a single multi-vitamin pill. It was multiple pills of individual vitamins, plus other supplements, like garlic or fish oil. Because of this, I became pretty good at swallowing several pills at once. I think my record is maybe seven at one go. Come to think of it now, that’s maybe too many vitamins?

Nowadays, my own kids also take daily vitamins, but their pill-swallowing procedure is not as efficient yet as mine is. And the technique is different as well.

When I take pills, I retract my tongue to the back of my mouth and drop the pills into the space behind my lower teeth, but in front my tongue. Then I take a swig of water and use my tongue to scoop the pills and water to the back of my mouth and swallow. It’s fast and only takes one gulp of water to swallow all the pills.

The rest of the family prefers to take a bit of water first, then drop a pill into their mouths, and swallow. But, they have to repeat this for every pill. I told them my technique, which I believe is superior, and they think I am crazy. 😄

I wonder which technique is the most common… 🤷‍♂️

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