Blue Jay at the Feeder

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-T10, 135mm, f/1, 1/110 sec, ISO400
“Blue Jay” Cedar Park, 2020

Here’s a photo of the most frequent visitor to our backyard bird feeder. This blue jay loves to eat the black-oil sunflower seeds, and while I thought it might bully the other birds, it seems that everyone has a chance to get some food in peace. Even some mourning doves and grackles have been finding their way to the feeder! 😀

We have a second feeder in the front of the house too. It’s actually a clear plastic shelf-type feeder that is suction cupped to the office window. It took a while for the birds to find it, but every once in a while, the blue jay, black-crested titmouse, or cardinals will visit for a snack and a peek into the office while I work. I’ll try to get a picture next time, but there is some serious back-light, so it probably won’t look so nice. We’ll see!

I hope you had a good day.


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