Bug Bites

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-E4, 27mm, f/2.8, 1/100 sec, ISO2000
“Bug Bites” Cedar Park, 2021

Returning home from our recent camping trip, I discovered that I had gotten bitten many more times that I thought. At the campsite I had 2 fire ant bites, but I just counted that I have a total of about 45 bites! Last night I had a hard time sleeping because my legs were so itchy… it was horrible. And on this afternoon’s neighborhood run, when the sun hit my legs, the bug bites felt like they were on fire. It was a weird sensation.

I’m not sure if the newly discovered bites are from fire ants or some other bug, but they look, feel, and itch like fire ant bites. The mysterious thing is that I didn’t feel anything biting me, so that leads me to believe they are maybe flea bites that I received when I went on the morning bicycle ride.

As I write this in the evening, the itchiness has died down and I’m looking forward to these welts to be gone.

2 thoughts on “Bug Bites

  1. Oh no! Definitely refrain from scratching, however hard it is…I have a particular hatred and fear for biting bugs, whether mosquitos, fire ants, or bedbugs…I’m especially paranoid when I go on trips and I take measures to minimize the chances to getting bitten, i.e. wearing long, protective clothing, checking hotel rooms upon checking in, etc. Hope your bites didn’t swell to golf ball size, and I hope they go away soon!

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