New Life for an Old Lens

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-E4, 27mm, f/2.8, 1/75 sec, ISO6400
“Useful Lens” Cedar Park, 2022

I bought this Sigma 10-20mm lens in 2013 to use on my Sony A77 DSLR, and when I switched over to Fujifilm, I used it only rarely. But I have recently found it to be a great lens for my Twitch stream. The ultra-wide field-of-view allows me to show my desk, as well as Yuzu as she sleeps on her pillow next to me. I’m so happy I didn’t have any takers when it was up for sale a few years go. 😀


Photo info: FUJIFILM X-E4, 27mm, f/3.2, 1/80 sec, ISO800
“Reading Time” Cedar Park, 2022

This evening I finished A Heart Divided, which is book four of The Legends of Condor Heroes series. I was actually standing at the kitchen island, reading and drinking shochu, because if I lie down or sit down to read, I’ll almost immediately fall asleep not matter how good or exciting the book is. And A Heart Divided is excellent. It’s a series that I look forward to reading every night!

I’m a bit sad that I am finished, but also excited because I can now start watching the 2017 Chinese tv series! I wanted to finish the books first, and keep my imagination’s versions of the characters untainted by actors. 😀 It’ll be interesting to see how close the casting of the tv series comes to my mind’s eye.

Wild Wildflower

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-E4, 35.8mm, f/10, 1/110 sec, ISO320
“Wild Wildflower” Enchanted Rock State Park, 2022

I took this photo on the trail at Enchanted Rock State Park in Texas. Such a pretty flower!

Afternoon Clouds

Photo info: FUJIFILM X-E4, 18mm, f/2.8, 1/2000 sec, ISO160
“Moving Clouds” Cedar Park, 2022

Afternoon Ride with Rossa

“Riding” Cedar Park, 2022

It was a beautiful afternoon so I grabbed my GoPro and our new DJI OM 5 gimbal, and went for a ride! I wanted to test out the gimbal and see if it will fit into my bicycling videos at all.

I used it to do some selfies and also a “ride-by” shot. I also tried some various shots of the bicycle, but it didn’t work out. I think hand-held GoPro is better for those shots. But I think the ride-by was nice! And I got a decent photo of myself too. 😀

Please take a look if you have time: