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New Prius Battery

I spent a few hours of my Sunday afternoon changing out the battery on our Prius. Just like a conventional car, the Prius has a regular 12v battery. But instead of being located under the hood, the Prius auxiliary battery is located in the trunk, near the right rear tail light. Changing it is pretty easy. It just takes some time though because you have to remove a bunch of hardware to get at the battery. Not difficult, but just takes time. Also, the battery that fits in the Prius is costly; about $200! But it doesn’t bother me too much. The original lasted close to 7 years, which is amazing in Texas.

So far (7 years in) the Prius has been great. Averaging 46 mpg is pretty awesome! I just wish they made a hybrid mini-van as well!

If you are interested, the following video explains exactly how to change the battery. I had my phone propped up in the back of the car and just followed the steps. Easy peasy!

New Year’s Horse

New Year's Horse
New Year’s Horse

Taking Notes

I was chatting with a friend/coworker today about 2014 resolutions and goals. Not really work-related, but just in general. Besides the usual “eat healthier” stuff, we talked about quotes and words of wisdom and found that we were both collecting them. I’ve actually been doing this for several months now. I think it’s nice way to get inspired later on by reviewing all these notes.

A nice tool to help collect these nuggets is Evernote. The reason it is so great is that when something pops into my mind or I hear something cool in a podcast, I can instantly click on the Evernote widget on my phone and add a note which gets saved to the cloud. Or if I am driving, I can click on the audio icon and just make a voice recording. Later at my desktop I can organize the jotted down notes using the Evernote desktop client or Web client. I find that always having a (growing) collection of inspirational quotes is helpful to keep my life headed in a positive direction. Whatever note-taking solution you use, make sure it is easy to use and then you are more apt to take advantage of it. A note that just gets lost or forgotten is useless. Like I said, I use Evernote, but there are other great solutions out there like Microsoft OneNote, Springpad, or even a Moleskine and pencil. Just pick one and stick to it!

My next step is to somehow be able to display these notes on my tablet’s homescreen. Sort of like a random photo tile. I wonder if it can me done using Microsoft’s Siena app creator?

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“When was the last time you saw an animal in the wild? — I can about 10 deer from our backyard right now out for …”
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P&G Video – Sochi Olympics

Thanks Ryan for sending this my way!

Woooo that’s cold!


Brrrrr looking forward to kotatsu time!