Cloudy Day

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 19mm, f/8, 1/60 sec, ISO200
“With Rain” Cedar Park, 2020

For today’s time-lapse session, I tried something a little different in the settings. I set the camera to f/8 and auto-shutter-speed. I think the latter part did a decent job at evening out the exposure for just a bit of flicker. I think having too much of the trees is throwing off the metering a bit. For a better test, a more evenly-lit scene would be better, so maybe another test is in order. And it’s essential to use an average-weighted exposure metering setting.

Morning Running

Photo info: motorola moto g(6), 3.95mm, f/1.8, 1/30 sec, ISO124
“Neighborhood Dinos” Cedar Park, 2020

This morning I went out for a jog around the neighborhood, and there were a few things different about today’s run. First, there was a light rain. I almost turned back and went home because the skies were threatening to unleash a downpour, but the temperature was warm so I decided to carry on thinking it would be a good experience, at least, to see what the challenges of running in the rain would be. Who knows, it could be rainy on marathon day, right?

Another thing that made this morning’s run different was that there were no cars on the street. I ran for 51 minutes, and only saw one gardener’s truck parking at the front of a house to do some work. The lack of cars was both refreshing and eerie. I could run down the middle of the street (and did so a few times) without worry.

Lastly, as I was lamenting the fact that the rain washed away all of the sidewalk and driveway chalk art, I came across the dinosaurs in the photo above, wearing their masks and practicing proper social distancing. That put a big smile on my face!

After powering up the small hill near the house, I finished the run and felt really good. I was wet from the rain, and my feet were soaked through, but I felt totally energized. 😀

I hope you had a good day!


Croquette Snapshot

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 19mm, f/2.8, 1/13 sec, ISO800
“Croquette” Cedar Park, 2020

Just another perfect dinner from Mariko. ❤️🤗

Home Cooking

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 19mm, f/4, 1/40 sec, ISO800
“Making Pasta” Cedar Park, 2020

During the “Shelter In Place” life we are living because of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost everyone is cooking at home more. Today, Koa helped Mariko make pasta using the KitchenAid mixer pasta attachment. The noodles came out great, and were a nice change from dry pasta. I guess because we have gained back all the hours we normally spend on out-of-house activities that there is more focus and intentional effort given to the everyday tasks. Maybe it’s just because there are less tasks that we are available to us… I’m not sure, but I’ve seen it in other things too, like planting our seedlings, veggies, and herbs, house-cleaning, and getting outside for walking, running, or bicycling.

This may seem like a positive, and I think there are good habits being formed or reinforced, but also it’s been pretty hard on a lot of people whose livelihoods depend on people going out of the house. For instance, the restaurant businesses have been suffering and I feel so sorry for them. I guess we all just want life to return to normal so we can do things like socialize, go to movies, resume school classes, concerts, dine out, and go hiking/camping.

In the meantime, we’ll just cope at home – and homemade pasta can help with that. 😀

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 19mm, f/2.8, 1/60 sec, ISO500
“Pasta” Cedar Park, 2020

By the way, Lani also like when we make pasta because she’ll occasionally get lucky with a stray noodle.

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 19mm, f/4, 1/35 sec, ISO800
“Hoping” Cedar Park, 2020

I hope you had a nice day!


Chicken Tikka Masala Dinner

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 19mm, f/4, 1/25 sec, ISO800
“Chicken Tikka Masala” Cedar Park, 2020

Yummmm… Chicken Tikka Masala is a favorite at our house. And the homemade naan is so good! The problem is that there aren’t much in the way of leftovers because we all have seconds (and sometimes thirds). 😆

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 19mm, f/4, 1/100 sec, ISO1600
“Big Naan” Cedar Park, 2020

I’ve been working from home for almost two weeks now, and it’s been going pretty smoothly. Being with the family 24/7 has not been difficult, since we all are busy with our individual activities. Bay’s architecture classes keep him working into the evening, Mariko is busy baking, I’m working in our home office room, and Koa is practicing his music and keeping up with his schoolwork (although classes haven’t started for him yet). Our breakfast and lunches are kind of on an as-needed basis, with each of us choosing what to eat, but dinner time we’ll all eat together, just as we always have (before Bay left for college). It’s nice to have all of us at the dinner table! ❤️

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 19mm, f/4, 1/25 sec, ISO800
“Hello, Kitty” Cedar Park, 2020

I hope you had a good day, and hope you are healthy and well!