It’s Baaaack

Got my replacement phone! I was reinstalling old apps but took the opportunity to declutter and only put back the apps I really used. For instance, I only need one weather app instead of the four I had before.

One problem I had was with Dropbox. It turns out that Dropbox forced a password reset a while back, and that formed a “perfect storm” for a lost account when my phone got lost. Actually, if I had retained a “16-digit security key” (no idea where I would have put that) then I could have recovered it, so it really is my fault. I was bummed that I would lose my 50GB I got when I registered my phone several months ago, but was pleasantly surprised that the new account could be bumped up by 48GB by just following some simple steps. So now I am using a new account, with roughly the same amount of space, only this space won’t expire! (I am assuming it wont). So it’s all good.

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