New Glasses


So I finally got some new glasses! My previous pair were old and I needed a new prescription. Well, the world is super-sharp again! I’m still getting used to it but so far it is great. I have noticed that the ground feels a lot closer to me now. When I am driving, it feels like I am six inches off the ground. It’s a little weird walking along and then looking down at the ground to walk up stairs or over a crack in the sidewalk. Also, there’s a bit of a keystone effect &ndash: rectangular things (like computer monitors) look wider at the top than the bottom. I’m sure my brain will compensate for that in time, but it is really odd!

I spent a couple hundred on the frames but they are so comfy and light. My previous pair were bought for maybe $50 in Japan, and they were really beat up. These new ones are a great change, although they look very similar.

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