I recently bought an 8GB Eye-Fi Mobi card to use in my cameras. It makes it so easy to transfer images (.jpg) from my camera to my phone. In fact, it is set up to automatically copy the photos as soon as they are captured! The card is basically an SD card with wi-fi built-in. You pair that card to the Eye-Fi app on your phone. It’s that easy!

Why do I need to transfer photos to my phone? For sharing instantly of course! I had used a system where I would connect my camera to my phone via USB cable and while it worked fine, it meant I had to have the cable with me. I keep that cable in my camera bag, but I often just grab my camera, and not whole bag. With the Eye-Fi, I don’t have to worry about it. It’s such a neat system. I recommend the Eye-Fi Mobi to anyone who wants to use their big camera to post to Instagram. Like me!

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