Injury and Recovery

Just a quick note that my right knee has been hurting for a couple of weeks now. I was pushing off while skateboarding using my right leg, and it was angled a little crooked and I heard/felt a pop come from the knee area. That night it really swelled up and hurt, and the next day it was really difficult to walk. However, it has been getting better and today (two weeks after my injury) I went for a run. It was only about two miles, but felt great and the knee didn’t hurt too much. I really want to keep in some kind of shape while my knee heals fully, and I was going crazy not being able to run. I have, however continued to skate, but just practicing carving bowls and pumping – nothing where I might twist my knee.

And just if you are wondering, the reason I pushed crooked is because when growing up, I always skated “mongo”, which means I pushed with my front foot. This is not the preferred way to push, so I am switching to normal. In fact, when I am skating during my injury, I will push mongo as there isn’t much chance to injure my knee further.

In other skateboard news, I got some new wheels! They are very fast! Maybe I will post again about those new goodies.

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