A rough week

This past week has been a bit tough. On Sunday Oct. 18 I hurt my back and and just now back to maybe 95%.

It happened at my kids’ Japanese school sports day. One of the events that takes place is a tug-o-war and after the kids compete, the parents have a go at it. Sometimes I join, and sometimes I pass. This time I joined in and had a lot of fun. I did not get injured! But… I my core muscles got a bit tired. After lunch, and before the events started again, I was throwing the baseball with Koa. During one of the tosses, I heard and felt something pop in the lower-right part of my back. I immediately knew something was wrong… then the blood started rushing from my head and I felt dizzy, so I sat down. I told Koa, “I’m done,” then walked slowly back to the our chairs.

The rest of the day I was sore and it hurt to bend but it wasn’t too bad. That night, however, my back got worse and I was pretty much bed-ridden. On top of this, I felt sick from possibly allergies, so I was hurting on multiple fronts. Getting in bed took me several minutes. I had to gingerly move inch by inch while enduring quite a bit of pain. This sucked on several levels, one of which was that while lying on my back, scooching along, my shirt was being pulled down in back and the collar was strangling my neck in front. It was awful. So the next time I got out of bed, I just ditched the shirt and went topless.

As mentioned earlier, I also was suffering from allergies, so I had a runny nose, felt feverish, and had a cough. Luckily when I coughed it did not involve the pulled muscle which seemed to be pretty specific.

I took a sick day on Monday and spent most of the time in bed resting my back. Monday happened to be my birthday so it was a really unfortunate way to spend it. And being my birthday, we had tickets to see The Martian that night. I did not know if I could make it! But by the evening I felt a little better and we went to the movie. The theater was the fancy type that serves dinner and drinks, and they also have these really great recliners, so I was able to lean back pain-free and enjoy the movie! It was awesome. After that, we had cake back at home. So it turned out to be a pretty good birthday after all!

The rest of the week my back (and allergies) kept improving and by Thursday I was able to drive. The weekend was filled with rain so a lot of activities got cancelled and I could give my back some more rest. It’s now a week after I hurt my back and I am almost all healed! But boy, I need to be a little more careful… and maybe no more tug-o-wars for me!

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