X100T Comes Through Again

"Trusty Camera" Cedar Park 2016
Photo info: SONY SLT-A77V, 35mm, f/2.4, 1/10 sec, ISO800
“Trusty Camera” Cedar Park 2016


It’s my second day back from vacation and I am back in the swing of things. I’ve also been going through my vacation photos and having fun picking out my favorites and editing them.

505 photos made it back to my hard drive, and maybe 10 of those were joke photos when my brother hijacked my camera as I took an afternoon nap. At first I thought that was a lot of photos for a vacation, but then I figured that there were a few events where I was taking lots of photos that I knew are bound for our family’s Facebook page. It was more like I was doing event photography rather than travel photography! Fun stuff. 😃

When I am taking photos, I will do a lot of culling in-camera. In a series of photos of a scene, there is going to be one that is the best. I’ll find that one, and delete the rest. Sometimes I may keep the two best ones, but I try to keep it down to one. I don’t like having all the duplicates!

I have to say, my Fujifilm X100T proves itself to me each time I use it. It is so versatile. At the events, it was discreet, quiet, and quick. At the beach, the Velvia film simulation made the colors pop. And I got several comments about how cool-looking a camera it is. Lots of people thought it was an old film camera. And a few even wanted to try taking photos with it! I never got those kinds of comments while using a dSLR.

And of course, the HUGE benefit of the X100-series cameras is their size/weight. It is small and light enough that I was able to hit the dance floor with the shoulder-strap across my body! 💃

Anyways, if you already have one of these amazing cameras, well, I’m preaching to the choir, aren’t I? But if you are curious at all about the X100-series cameras, rush down to the camera shop and try one out!

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