X100T Tape

USA. Texas. Cedar Park. 2016.
Photo info: SONY NEX-6, 0mm, f/0, 1/50 sec, ISO3200
USA. Texas. Cedar Park. 2016.

As you might know, I love my Fujifilm X100T. It’s my favorite camera I’ve ever owned. But, there are a couple things that could be improved upon. For instance, I wish there were more of a tactile difference between the AEL/AFL and Q buttons on the back. So I ended up putting a couple layers of gaffer’s tape right next to the AEL/AFL button. That’s right where I grip the camera with my thumb, and now I know that the AEL/AFL button is just to the left and I don’t accidentally hit the Q button.

Also, the tape serves double-duty to cover up the LED light that flashes green or orange. I actually used a pin to make a tiny hole in the tape, so I can still see the light, but it is a tiny, discreet dot instead of the super-bright beacon.

BTW, I usually shoot in manual mode, and use the AEL/AFL button as a back-focus button. Really convenient!

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