Cedar Park, 2016
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/4, 1/100 sec, ISO1250
Cedar Park, 2016

こんばんは! Good evening!

Did you have a nice Easter? Our was nice and relaxing… now that the kids are getting bigger, they aren’t interested in egg hunting but they did enjoy receiving an Easter gift bag this morning. It was filled with candy and customized rubber stamps with their names on them. I remember when they were little, they would enjoy looking for the Easter baskets as soon as they woke up! This morning, Koa wasn’t even at home! He spent the night at a friends house and I picked him up at 10am. Apparently they stayed up until 3am, which is to be expected, but what was a surprise to me was that Koa was able to stay awake all day today.

Before I picked him up, though, I woke up at my usual time (before 6am), and was on my laptop deleting old bookmarks when I came across an old link to a pizza recipe. This one calls for tortillas in a cast-iron skilled for quick and easy quasi-pizza. So I made a couple little pizzas for myself, actually putting an egg on one of them to make a breakfast-style pizza. It was yummy! These were pretty small pizzas, using the smallest sized flour tortillas you can find in the supermarket. Later, when Mariko and the kids were hungry, I made them some more pizzas and they gobbled them up. The pizzas were a huge hit! I must have made about 6 pizzas for them. 🍕

This afternoon cleaned our aquarium, did some laundry, and then had a beer and watched a few episodes of an anime that I was interested in called “The Pilot’s Love Song”. I enjoyed the first 4 episodes a lot and am looking forward to watching the rest of them. I am not a huge anime fan, but maybe that will change… there are some really cool shows out there!

For dinner, we didn’t have a traditional Easter meal (we’re not big on ham), but rather a dim-sum inspired feast as you can see in the photo. It was delicious! No chance for leftovers either, it was so tasty. Then after dinner, we watched Zoolander for the first time. It was so bad but good and fun. We enjoyed it a lot!

I hope you had a nice weekend. Let’s have a great week!


-バロン Barron Fujimoto

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