A-Z Challenge – J

J stands for “Jyama” (じゃま)

I was thinking of a word that starts with J that we say often in my family and the Japanese word “Jyama” (sounds like Jah-mah) came into my mind. And it would usually be followed by an exclamation point because it’s usually said to someone when they are in the way. If you say it to someone with a bit of feeling behind it, it can mean, “Get out of my way!”

I normally hear “Jyama!” from my wife when I am bothering her in the kitchen, trying to steal food that she is making, or if I am getting something out of the fridge while she needs to get in there too. 😜

Anyways, that’s a quick Japanese lesson for today. My Japanese comprehension is not so great, but I do know when my wife wants me to get the heck out of her way!

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