A-Z Challenge – P

P is for “Pizza”

Austin, 2016
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/4, 1/125 sec, ISO3200
Austin, 2016

Hello pizza fans! I think just about everyone loves pizza, and most have a favorite, right? Well, I love all kinds of pizza, from a loaded Chicago style, to a plain NY slice. For toppings, I’ll eat just about anything, including anchovies. In fact, I love anchovy pizza! So salty and delicious. Plus, not many people like anchovies, so that means more for me. 😊

I also love Japanese pizza toppings, which can be a bit different from American-style. For instance, corn-mayo pizza is great, also ebi (shrimp) pizza is wonderful. We used to order a lot from a chain called “pizza-la”. Click on this link to their site’s English menu and tell me those don’t look great. 😛

At home, Mariko sometimes makes a yummy negi (green onion) pizza which is super-popular at parties. Other memorable pizzas/toppings I’ve had are the Portuguese sausage pizza in Hawaii, mentaiko pizza, and lobster cream. And I love Costco pizzas as well. I don’t think I’ve tried a pizza I didn’t like!

As you can imagine, I’m getting hungry now! 🍕

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  1. Wow, those pizza combinations are crazy! And above when you mention “corn-mayo” pizza, I thought, okay I’m not understanding what you mean, right…? But then, sure enough, No. 13 on that English menu! O.O My husband would die, and even though I like mayo, I’m still not sure I could ever get the courage to try it….. 😉

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