Making Oyakodon

"Oyakodon" Cedar Park, 2017
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“Oyakodon” Cedar Park, 2017

こんばんは。How’s it going?

Another gray-day here, but the temperatures are in the 70s.

• Oyakodon

Tonight I was in charge of dinner for myself and the kids. We could have gone to our favorite burger place, but Mariko mentioned that I should try to add to my list of dishes I could prepare. So, I got out my “Quick & Easy Donburi Dishes” book and tried my hand at my favorite meal: Oyakodon. I’ve posted about oyakodon before, and how much I love it, but this is my first time ever making it by myself!

The recipe I used was very simple, with only a few ingredients, and it’s very hard to screw up. I think you’ll be able to make a delicious meal even if mistakes are made. However, there is a little bit of finesse involved if you want to get the eggs just right, which I wasn’t able to do. Basically, I overcooked the eggs a bit. 😒

I have to say, it tasted pretty good, and the kids liked it, but I’d have to say there is some room for improvement. 6.5 out of 10. Next time I’ll do better! 😄

• Not 100%

So, the past few days, something has been going around and a lot of people have been sick. I must have caught the bug as well because I haven’t been feeling well all weekend. I have some achy muscles, a little dizziness sometimes, and a yucky sinus condition. But, it’s not serious and I am still able to work and do normal stuff. Just not 100%. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be better!

I hope you had a nice day!


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