2018 Winter Olympics Are Here!

"2018 Olympics" Cedar Park, 2018
Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 23mm, f/4, 1/100 sec, ISO640
“2018 Olympics” Cedar Park, 2018

こんばんは。How’s it going?

The 2018 Winter Olympics have started! And they totally snuck up on me this time around, which is odd because I see news about it every morning on NHK while I am making breakfast for the kids. Plus I am usually pretty excited about the games. So I was wondering about my lack of interest and what changed within me. But that didn’t last long at all.

I watched the intro that NBC put together which featured Team USA, and after that, I was pumped and excited! I enjoyed the opening ceremonies, especially watching the North and South Korean athletes bring the Olympic flame up to the cauldron together. It was pretty powerful and I felt the tears welling up, even though I am not Korean. I also felt that way watching the Korean Women’s Hockey team take the ice for the first time. It was amazing! Sure, there are a lot of politics woven into the event, but maybe we get a glimpse of regular athletes existing outside of the political arena. One can hope…

In other Olympic news, Koa and I watched the 17-year-old American snowboarder Red Gerard kill it on the slopestyle to bring home the gold. That was amazing!

I thought I preferred the Summer games over the Winter, but there’s so much energy at these games in Pyeongchang, I may have to rethink that!

I hope you had a nice Saturday.


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