Kombucha [snapshot]

"Kabocha" Cedar Park, 2018
Photo info: OLYMPUS E-PL9, 20mm, f/4.1, 1/125 sec, ISO6400
“Kabocha” Cedar Park, 2018

This evening we hosted a birthday party for a good friend at our house. As usual, it was a potluck so there was plenty of yummy food. We made a few homemade pizzas which were fun for the guests to make, and we have a lot of leftovers so I am happy! ❤️🍕

Our friend’s husband made individually bottled kombucha, which is the photo above. Truth be told, I didn’t get any photos of the party so I am borrowing one of Mariko’s pics. You can see in the caption that it’s not from my usual
Fujifilm, but from Mariko’s Olympus. That’s a really nice camera, actually.

I hope you had a nice Sunday!


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