Gyoza Night

Photo info: FUJIFILM X100T, 19mm, f/3.2, 1/70 sec, ISO3200
“Gyoza” Cedar Park, 2020

Tonight we made a huge batch of gyoza for dinner. It was all from scratch, including the gyoza skins. We even used nira from the garden (which has been coming back year for several years now). Each of us had a spot in the gyoza factory: I smashed the dough using a tortilla press, Bay used a rolling pin to make them thinner, Koa added the pork and cheese (yes, cheese!) filling and sealed them up. Mariko coordinated the whole operation, and helped roll out the skins and also put filling in.

It went by quickly and we had a little over a baking-sheet’s worth of gyoza ready for cooking on the hotplate, as seen in the photo. It was yummy! The shape of the gyoza varied depending on Koa’s skill level and also his whimsy, with a few looking like xiaolongbao even. They were all delicious, though! 🥟❤️😀

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